Meet Nuba, your first automated virtual backpack

About Nuba

Nowadays, cell phones have tremendous capabilities to capture crucial moments and
data. Students are increasingly using these to record and capture important class material.

By telling Nuba your class schedule, it will begin to automate the storing and sorting of those multimedia files into their respective class folders during that class time.

Nuba gives you the peace of mind of knowing your backpack contains all your relevant class information and that those notes are readily accessible.

Excellent design

Excellent design

User friendly and easy to navigate

Easy to use

Easy to use

Automatically sort and store user-generated records

Share and learn!

Share and learn!

Locate and share native android captures and files to social apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Instagram, Mail, and more.

Awesome Features

Have the peace of mind of always knowing where your files and captures are stored.

Relax as you set work and study reminders to help you keep track of what and how you want to study.

Ease of access to your files and notes, always on your phone or in the cloud


Keep your notes up to date and your mind relax

Nuba helps you quickly access all your class notes and share them across all devices, allowing you to focus on studying your files instead of finding them.

Available on Stores

Download the app and start automating your notes with Nuba! Available on Android and iOS.

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